Winterize Your Skin

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  • 19 Jan, 2016

Easy Winter Skin Care Hacks every gal should know

You will be sure to make it through the winter with these must-do tips

1. EXFOLIATE Gently scrubbing your skin everyday will allow your lotions and creams to penetrate and better absorb the product into your skin. A new trend we love is the dry brush, you can find them at Whole Foods or any beauty supply store ie Ulta or Sephora. Before a shower softly brush your skin in circular motions, this does two things, shed dead skin cells and promotes good circulation in the body. A great body scrub also does the trick. We LOVE Beautycounter's Lustro Sugar Scrub .

2. MOISTURIZE During the winter months we tend to look for heavier creams for that extra layer that will keep our skin supple. The best tip is to apply your moisturize right after your shower (which should never be too hot, you can actually dry out your skin that way), as soon as you step out of the bath do a quick pat of the towel and then lather up! We love to add a few pumps of this Lustro Body oil to our moisturizer.

3. HUMIDIFIER Invest in one of these to keep moisture in the air, the heat tends to suck up all the moisture leaving air dry.

4. DRINK staying hydrated with liquids such as teas and warm water with lemon which will help your skin retain water.
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